Larson Antennas

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Radiall/Larsen is proud to introduce a new innovation in NMO mounts. The versatile NMO mount has improved performance all the way up to 3 GHz. With a simple field change, the new NMO mount can be converted from a standard mount to a high frequency mount eliminating the need to stock two parts.

When it comes to antennas, installers face new challenges every day. Automobile manufacturers create sleek new designs with curved surfaces utilizing less and less metal. In addition, people are less willing to drill a hole in these relatively expensive new cars. This creates a real problem when trying to install an antenna to achieve maximum performance.

Radiall/Larsen recognizes this issue, and has developed a full line of permanent and temporary mounts to solve virtually every installation need.

Each Radiall/Larsen mount is manufactured of the highest quality materials, including premium coax. If you have a special requirement not represented, contact the factory. We will do our best to help fill your need.

Note: Connectors are shipped loose/uninstalled with all mounting kits except MM and MMR magnetic mounts. An FME universal adapter is installed on all kits.

Larson NMOK Roof Mount (Top Left Photo)

Larson NMO Magnet Mount (Top Right Photo)

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